Justin lays inside the frame of this over-sized cap to show the vastness of its size.

Justin lays inside this over-sized cap to show its vast size.

100 Riverside Dr2

The over-sized cap now installed to cover three chimney flues.

A masonry chimney crown severely damaged due to mother nature and age.  The cracks in the crown will allow water to leak into the chimney flue and down to the firebox.  The moss needs to be removed so that repairs can be completed on the crown.  The roof shingle covering the second flue is not safe and thus the two flues should be covered with an over-sized chimney cap.  Many of the mortar joints are in need of repair.


The inside of this firebox is severely cracked and needs to be repaired.  These cracks are too vast to simply fill.  The back wall will have to be entirely replaced.

dryer vent image

This is the result of a dryer vent being cleaned.  The lint pulled from this dryer line is highly flammable.  Had this dryer vent not been cleaned, the heat output from the dryer could have ignited this lint and caused a fire.

903 Belvoir Cr DV

A dryer vent pipe, in the home's crawl space, that has been improperly repaired and installed.

903 Belvoir Cr DV2

A wide view of the same dryer vent pipe that is improperly hung in the crawl space of the home.  Without proper installation, the dryer vent cannot work efficiently let alone effectively.

103 Villa Way

Rusted out chase cover installation from start to finish...

103 Villa Way2
103 Villa Way5

The 2x4 braces will provide support to keep the chase cover from sagging.

103 Villa Way6
103 Villa Way7

A completed chase cover installation to include an 8" stainless steel chimney cap

tiff infomation
tiff infomation

The top section of terra cotta flue liner was replaced due to cracks inside the chimney.  The crown of the chimney was resurfaced and the existing chimney cap was re-installed after all the work was completed.